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  1. Varnish - Le Tonkinois edition

    We have two boats in the family now, Discovery, a 1983 Ericson 30+, and a 1978 Cape Dory 27. Both excellent boats, but both very different. The CD has a ton of exterior teak which the PO said point blank "I cared about safety and sailing, and didn't care if she was pretty." As we all know, the options for teak treatments are nearly infinite. Before tackling a bigger job, I wanted to try my hand on a smaller project with lower stakes.

    I also was intrigued by Le Toninois, ...

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  2. E38--Stern Rail Jump Seat

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Visibility at the helm is fine on the E38, especially without a dodger. In fact, with a wheel pilot I'm seldom actually "at the helm," but rather nearby or next to it, steering by the buttons.

    That means standing up, because if I sit down on one of the comfortable quarter seats, nicely protected by the weather cloths, I can't see forward sufficient to identify a paddleboarder and her dog prior to violently separating them, or scaring ...

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  3. Last Year's Winter Projects

    And so it goes with owning a boat. As in these are “winter projects” from last winter; things I’m just now finishing up months later than planned. The winter list was something like this:
    - Alter sail cover to fit around Dutchman and add bird-proof netting underneath,
    - Revamp compass and teak base,
    - Re-finish and repair damaged bilge cover-plates and mast trim rings.

    I contracted the sail cover work out over the winter, so that was completed on time and ready ...

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    Maintenance and Mechanical
  4. How not to retrofit a hatch: Installation

    The new Lewmar hatch fit into the new opening without much fuss. Next, we drill seventeen holes for the mounting screws. The directions say that the screws on the hinge-side must be through-bolted, while the other sides can be screwed into the deck, but I would rather through-bolt all of them. Here, the inner riser comes into focus again, as its diagonal curving sides fall in the path of most of the screw holes. I was getting a little shell-shocked at this point. You probably wouldn't believe ...
  5. How not to retrofit a hatch: Destruction

    Here's where we learn what's inside the hatch structure. Removal of the wood trim reveals a fairly uneven gap, with unfriendly angles, between the deck piece and the liner piece. Apparently both pieces were made with flanges that were supposed to line up, but some grinding had to be done to make the original hatch fit.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    To make the new hatch fit, we need to remove the inner lip to create a flat platform, widen the fore-aft dimension of the opening ...

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