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  1. Children playing a special sanding game not available on their iphone.

    The benefits of children are plentiful… but none as gratifying as being able to coerce them into hours of hard labor. Safe to say, after having my daughter sand and help paint a mast, I’ll likely be put in a home by her when the time comes.

    A picture of my wonderful daughter on a beautiful Saturday, while her friends were out playing, she was sanding, sanding, and sanding…for a good cause of course!

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    I had just gotten the boat, ...

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  2. Small aliquots of progress: Stbd side stowage Part 1

    Yet another of the Junior-High shop projects that seem to make up Arcturus. I cut a bunch of holes in the liner (Yeah for Rigid 12V multi-tool!) and made these mahogany doors to fit them. Or vice verse, actually. They ended up being a little crude but the wood was too expensive to just throw them out... When the internal dividers are all finished, this will make twenty (!) storage bins behind the starboard liner.
    No more excuse for clutter!

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  3. Small aliquots of progress: Light and Air to the Qberth

    I picked up this new opening port for the price of used at the marine exchange and thought that it looked like the perfect thing to add light and air to the quarterberth. It was!
    Immediate dramatic improvement in habitability. No downside yet discovered. I highly recommend this mod for anyone who hasn't done it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The only thing I don't like about this port (and, I suspect, the reason it was for sale on the cheap) is that the main flange ...

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  4. Yet Another Train Wreck!

    Signs and portents. Half a dozen boat projects stalled half-way done for lack of parts, time, weather...

    For the second time, a boat project is halted because a shipment from Defender was lost in a train wreck! As far as I recall, nothing else I have ever ordered has been lost in a train wreck. It's on UPS, not on Defender. (But Defender does wait a good long time to see if the package can be recovered.) This seems like a really weird coincidence. (?)

    Meanwhile, I've ...
  5. New panel cover for engine gauges

    The new engine panel fits differently than the old Universal one with its recessed gauge and switch molding. There was never any plan to reuse the old panel even if we had chosen to repair the old engine -- wiring harness was shot and all the instruments needed updating. The old black plastic mounting 'box" had cracking in it from UV and the brittle-ness that happens to cast plastics over time.

    A new cover had to be designed that would keep spray off and still allow access to ...

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