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  1. A Suitable Case for Treatment

    Finally, I couldn't put off any longer a few cheapskate treatments. Window treatments, that is.
    I'll be spending the night at a few guest docks over the next couple of weeks, and there seems to be some need for privacy. Or barring that, public decency. A couple of towels stuffed in the hand rails has sufficed in the past, but then what if you need to use a towel?
    Arcturus came with lots of holes drilled around the fixed ports and some brittle rotten remains of expensive plastic ...

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  2. the Dorkiest Boat Project Ever...

    Yes, the Dorkiest Boat Project Ever (tm, patent pending, void where prohibited by law, some settling may have occurred during shipping...)

    Some of you may know, I have the only Golden Retriever in history who is scared of water. I've had Goldens pretty much my whole life, and with most of them it was a struggle to keep them OUT of the water. This one... not so much. "Rebel" (so named because he decides when and if he feels like doing what he's told - you can actually watch ...

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  3. E38 New Rigid Vang and Deck Organizer (Cheek Blocks)

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    When I purchased my 1981 E38 she came with no boom vang and the topping lift line affixed to the boom. This meant having to always go forward to the boom whenever I raised or wanted to drop the mainsail. Last year I decided to install a new Garhauer rigid vang and upgrade the deck organizers to feed the topping lift and reefing lines back to the cockpit.

    At the time I had a triple clutch on the port side that had the Jib Halyard, Port Spinnaker Halyard, ...

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  4. The Incredible Shrinking Table

    When Arcturus came to me, it had parts of two different tables on board, but nothing really functional. A few years back, I built and installed a centerline table with two drop-leaves. Just like the big boats have. Ish. Hey, the boat "Sleeps Six!" so it ought to be able to feed six, right? Well, as it turns out, the table almost never got used. The port leaf would block access to the chart table. The starboard leaf would block the path forward. And the thirty seconds or so required ...

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  5. Cover for the Dinghy, with Name

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    Yes, yet another cover. But the dinghy is wood, with Brightside paint and some exterior varnish, so a cover beats maintenance.

    I have invented many arguments to skip the patterning steps for these canvas projects, utilizing my amazingly accurate eyeballs, a few quick measurements, a rough sketch, and then Jack Daniels. I have found this method successful in making a sloppy job with numerous refits, and in proving how many measurements you ...

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