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  1. Saving a Lady 4

    Saving a Lady Continued…4... My Father sent me in the house to get my tools. I’m sure everyone remembers the set in the tin box, complete with a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, saw, yellow tape measure. My gift from Santa. I replaced the tin box with a bag, my bag of choice was an army surplus olive-green dynamite bag, all the boys in our family used them as school book bags. My Father rang out, we are going to caulk today. Hum caulk I through, I better bring a box of white chalk, After all I was ...

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  2. Saving a Lady 3

    Continued…3.. early May 1959, as I recall my Father popped his head in my bedroom and said, son we have some chores to do, then we get to play on our Boat. Our Boat, yes, the princess was mine! I jumped out of bed dressed and ran down three flights of stairs, only to be sent back up the wooden hill, to brush scrub, and comb my hair with a little dab of brilcream, then walk down the wooden Hill. My Father was outside replacing the storm windows with the screened frames. My older brother was already ...
  3. New Location: Racor & Lift Pump

    As a part of the engine replacement project, we decided to move the Racor and electric lift pump out of the engine bay/compartment. Current ABYC "rules" seem to demand a metal bowl under the clear filter bowl, and this seems to defeat its purpose as a way to see any water accumulating. Further, the engine compartment in a small boat is crowded already.
    So I moved the location for the coolant overflow tank from the under-cockpit-seat area to the engine compartment. This is visible ...

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  4. Long Winter Nights. Part 1

    It appears that this winter is not going to relinquish even a single day and we are to dwell in snow and ice well into March. Nothing is getting crossed-off the list of tasks that Must Be Done before re-launching the boat. But of course, there is an endless supply of smaller tasks that can be addressed while waiting for the weather to clear.
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    I just got in from winching the FedEx truck out of the ditch. Coincidentally, it was bringing me an electronic ...
  5. Saving a Lady, continued..

    Saving a Lady, when did it begin? Why did it begin? I believe I was born with a sailing gene.Some might consider this a appeal or prayer for evil or misfortune to befall someone, at best a license to burn money.Just ask my better half. The Princess of Fermananagh was a 40-foot creation of my Father. She was a Navy cargo tender that he acquired by way of a Navy surplus auction in Philly. After many months,or years of work, she was reborn as a Gaff rigged sailing Vessel. That was the summer of 1952, ...

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