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  1. Saving a Lady, continued..

    Saving a Lady, when did it begin? Why did it begin? I believe I was born with a sailing gene.Some might consider this a appeal or prayer for evil or misfortune to befall someone, at best a license to burn money.Just ask my better half. The Princess of Fermananagh was a 40-foot creation of my Father. She was a Navy cargo tender that he acquired by way of a Navy surplus auction in Philly. After many months,or years of work, she was reborn as a Gaff rigged sailing Vessel. That was the summer of 1952, ...

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  2. Saving a Lady

    Hello all,I am a new owner of a beautiful old 31 Independence cutter. For sure beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She will require a complete overhaul,that is if I wife just saw the pictures,ouch. I have been reading every post I could find on the Independence, for that mater all post. What a gift, thank you to all.

    Independence Hull 47
  3. Wiring & Engine Detail, part 2

    These photos show the Halon bottle in place, and also a much better look at the inside of the compartment where the meter and terminal strip are mounted.
    As an "extra" there is a shot of the new coolant overflow tank showing how the level in it almost matches the hose take-off place on the coolant cap. This is preferred to having it higher or lower.
    The former Universal diesel had the coolant bottle mounted somewhat higher, in the port seat lazaretto under the hinged cockpit ...

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Name:	Wiring connections.jpg 
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Name:	Overflow bottle position.jpg 
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Name:	new halon  sys light.jpg 
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  4. Liveaboard Prep 1: Removal of Wine Rack pt. 2 (and v berth cushions)

    With the bottom "U" piece out, and both screws removed from the top "U" piece, we are now just left with the 4-hole piece in the back.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20190218_104150.jpg 
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    This piece was held in by the two screws already removed from inside the lazarette, as well as two bunged-in screws on the bottom, attached to a small block of wood behind the bottom "O"s.

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Name:	IMG_20190218_104529 (1).jpg 
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    With these removed, I started applying ...

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    Maintenance and Mechanical , Ericson Ownership
  5. Liveaboard Prep 1: Removal of Wine Rack (gasp) pt. 1

    I think everyone with Ericsons of a certain size and vintage is intimately acquainted with the signature wine rack, though I don't think I've ever seen any pictures of a boat here with wine in the rack. Happy to be proven wrong here. It's a charming detail and, as noted by Christian Williams, likely installed to garner an appreciative nod from high-status couples oooing and aaahing over their new interior amenities at a boat show.

    Well, I don't drink and am moving onto my boat in a ...
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