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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Williams
    Great job. What was the source of the rot? Pesky leak from the head?
    Exactly, as far as I can tell, it was a leak from where the bulkhead head laminate material meets the ridge of the shower pot liner in the head.

    Before the repair I could see the PO had tried to re-seal the edge with additional silicone or something. I believe the water from the shower would seep into that area, get trapped and do it's handy work.

    OR, I'm completely wrong
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    Great job. What was the source of the rot? Pesky leak from the head?
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    The winter of 2019 was very rainy here, and my mast is a regular funnel. But every time I came to the boat the bilge had been pumped to water-witch level. Not scientific, but did ease my mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MMLOGAN

    It will be a new boat when you get done. Beautiful work!
    Thanks Matt! I'd still be bobbing around at Christmas Tree Cove if it weren't for you Lets catch up soon man-
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgwright67
    Nice job, and always good to see more photos of the mysterious TAFG! Are those rounds access ports original, or did you add them? How much space is behind the access ports?
    Thanks - The round access ports were there when I got the boat..I believe they are original. The space behind the ports to the hull vary from three or four inches in depth.
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    It will be a new boat when you get done. Beautiful work!
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    Nice job, and always good to see more photos of the mysterious TAFG! Are those rounds access ports original, or did you add them? How much space is behind the access ports?
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    Well beyond my meager wood working skills.
    Very professional result.

    Your photo of the shroud "load transfer" into the TAFG at the bottom of those big Navtec SS rods is a helpful resource for other curious owners, as well.

    Well Done!

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    Here's a pic of my dog bones, mine look whipped. I've not noticed a problem with the sail shape while reefed, but I'm not overly picky.

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    I wonder whether raising the "tack" a few inches will do something weird to the sail shape? Not that it's particularly stellar at this point. Also, I'm a little unsure about the SailRite design. It seems like all the force is depending on the stitches, where it would be better to double the strap over again, so that the stitches only need to keep it from unwrapping. But that made an awfully thick stack. If it comes apart, I'll re-do it that way, perhaps with flat strap instead of tubular.
    But I've got an organizer plate to slip under the mast step before re-launch. Might also play around with single-line reefing at some point.
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    I love my "dog bones" on the main sail reefs. I think you'll enjoy them quite a bit.
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    Iʻm still using a clear-bowl Racor 500 in the engine compartment. My surveyor insisted a flame shield was necessary. Geico Insurance rep did not agree, since it is diesel not gas.

    The flame/heat shield requirement is a can of worms and your solution puts the lid back on. Thereʻs no doubt in my mind that the Racor 500 is far better all around than the screw-on Racors, which are just plain irritating in tight spaces. Hereʻs Maine Sail on the issue:
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    Another entertaining story. I looked forward to making a rendezvous one of these days.
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    I had already read part 1 a while back, but on Christian's suggestion, I came back today to read the rest, and it was both interesting and entertaining; well done!

    If my search for the right boat leads me to more distant locales, I will certainly be referring to your notes for how to prep the boat.

    And perhaps we'll see you on the water someday to see Makana, ex-Thelonious. Christian's videos of his first trips on Thelonious were some of the first I watched a year ago when I was bitten by the sailing bug again, and started looking for a boat.

    Happy sailing!
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    Duh... Of course those shrouds had toggles. My helpers during the haul-out simply pulled the pins at the top of the toggle instead of the bottom. The toggles are still attached to the boat. And my measurements are off by two inches. :roll eyes:
    So that doesn't explain the bend.

    Another dumb discovery of the day: My Rule 2000 bilge pump requires a 15 Amp fuse. But the (sold separately) Rule bilge-pump switch panel comes with a 10 Amp fuse. Spares for neither of which were on board, so far as I could discover. I think I need to replace that thing with a circuit breaker... Fortunately, still sailing the back yard and supplies are but a ladder-climb away.

    Corollary: I have a long way to go in fixing deck leaks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sati
    I don't remember, how did you end up finishing the shelves?
    CPES to protect the wood, and then a coat of exterior latex paint from Lowe's to make it match the inside of the locker.
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    You done carved your name in it now. You signed the contract in blood. Two months is plenty of time. Spring's coming and then we'll see, and if old Filkee's not around here here anymore he'll be hull down, wind from behind, all the ladies left crying and waving on the dock, off to that line of cumulus on the rim of the world....
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    I went for it. 20 degrees outside and I decided to demo the Raritan. Billy I donít own a saws all so I attacked it with a flat head screwdriver and a hammer. Threw the tank over the side like a depth charge into the ice. Hands bleeding and elbow swollen from hammering in a confined space but still need to figure out best orientation for the new isotherm spa which is so long that it butts up against the steering gear. Contemplating athwarships. I have a few months before I have to actually screw if down.
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    I don't remember, how did you end up finishing the shelves?
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    When we bought our boat in SF, in '94, Jim Jessie, one of the best regarded (i.e. feared by brokers...) surveyors in that area *wanted* me to follow and observe. It was quite a "class"!
    Alison, whose list I referenced here, loves to have the purchaser observe, and her predecessor Chip Gardes (retired now) always wanted the the purchaser present.

    While a good final report has a *lot* of info, by observing the process you have a knowledge framework thru which to view it and understand the nuances.

    The guy you spoke to must have had some *really* obnoxious people following him thru a boat or two, but that's no excuse to act the way you describe.

    Not a part of the discussion, but watch out for surveyors that pad their survey with 50% verbiage containing nothing about the boat. I have heard of one that listed ALL of his tools, for instance.

    When you get a sample to look over, first, you will hopefully have a good idea of what you will end up with.

    Nothing wrong with taking your own notes either.... in these modern times you could use a small audio recorder and digitally transcribe it later.
    Like I said, it may be like a sort of "masters class in maintenance and construction" , condensed into a day.

    BTW, Bruce's wry observation shows that he actually Read ... the whole list!
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