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What it's like owning an Ericson, or a sailboat in general, etc.

  1. Me and "Tween'r" (Ericson 27)

    I've had a lot of boats during my 56 plus years of being on this earth, most of which have been sailboats. Sailing is my favorite. At age twelve we lived on a small 100 lake in north Alabama, Pine Lake. My dad got me a Super Snark. It was Super because it wasn't just a hull of exposed Styrofoam; it was encapsulated in plastic. Oh, and by the way, he threw in a book and said, "Have at it."

    I did, and I've never looked back.

    There was an American 16 as a teenager. ...
    Ericson Ownership
  2. Cover for the Dinghy, with Name

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    Yes, yet another cover. But the dinghy is wood, with Brightside paint and some exterior varnish, so a cover beats maintenance.

    I have invented many arguments to skip the patterning steps for these canvas projects, utilizing my amazingly accurate eyeballs, a few quick measurements, a rough sketch, and then Jack Daniels. I have found this method successful in making a sloppy job with numerous refits, and in proving how many measurements you ...

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  3. Ericson 38--Overdrilling Mount Holes, Anchor Lid Pin Repair

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    The Eastport pram is 7 feet 9 inches long, weighs only about 65 pounds, and fits nicely on the foredeck.

    I reshaped the transom to conform to the camber, and padded it at the two contact points. The Taylor bumper rail makes a permanent soft landing for the bow. Two stern lines tie pretty well to the dorade guard before the mast, but that is where tying pretty well ends.

    What is needed for the bow is a folding padeye for a simple ...

    Updated 06-13-2018 at 04:20 PM by Christian Williams

    Ericson Ownership
  4. Ericson 38--Replace Line Clutches

    The factory line clutches on Thelonious II were by EZ-Lock, the Swedish company: a triple to port and a double to starboard. Robust they are, sturdy in an aluminum casing with big handles and a thumb release system. They press upon the line with sharp claws, and never slipped in two years--unless, of course, I fumbled the ball at midnight in the rain. A double Spinlock was added years later, for reef luff cringle downhauls.

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    I am theoretically ...
  5. Ericson 38 -- Ronstan Traveler Upgrade

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    The traveler of a sailboat allows adjustment of the lateral position of the boom and therefore the angle of the mainsail to the wind. It controls twist, which allows air to spill from the upper sail. On dinghies, the traveler can be a simple piece of line tied across the transom, so when the boom flops from one side to the other during a tack the sheet obediently follows. Bigger boats have a track on which a car slides. Travelers used to be located behind ...

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    Maintenance and Mechanical , Ericson Ownership
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