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  1. Gadgets Gone Wild

    Well this has gotten a bit out of hand. Arcturus' Electronics mash-up was collected piece by piece over the years. More than half of it from Craigslist or Ebay. This all started from a depth sounder and an iPhone! But it's OK, because Arcturus is my toy and one of his legitimate primary functions is to be a toy-bearing platform.
    At the request of EM-Trak customer service, to help troubleshoot a problem, I drew up a schematic for them. I didn't think I'd be doing this so soon after seeing ...

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  2. Lift Muffler and Battery Relocation:

    This was a project I decided to undertake after my first round of repetitive engine maintenance last year. The starting battery was mounted on a piece a wood sitting behind the engine, bridging the two elevated surfaces surrounding the prop shaft. The battery was difficult to remove or replace—it had to be turned sideways, tilted to port (I was always afraid of spilling battery acid) and yanked upward over the quarter berth, where there is no way to get your body in a good position to lift a heavy ...
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  3. NMEA 0183 Navigation Electronics Schematic

    When I purchased my E38 last year it came with an old Magellan first generation GPS (now removed), a working Garmin GPSMAP180 old style monochrome GPS/Chartplotter using Micro G Charts, as well as a NEXUS wind/depth/speed and instrument server system. Over the winter period I installed a Brookhouse iMux wifi multiplexer, Horizon GX2200 VHF radio, ICOM-M802 HF radio, Actisense NGW-1-STNG NMEA 2000 to 0183 gateway, and finally a Raymarine EVO-100 wheel pilot.

    Using the iMux multiplexer ...

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  4. Time to come clean...Identifing rotten core

    The past few months I've noticed I've become of consumer of this page instead of a contributor. Although I check the page often and am actively working on Luffalee, I haven't posted much lately. One of the best things about this community is its made up of real people with a shared interest, not professional shipwrights writing articles on the absolute best way to compete a task. The result is a resource that's inclusive, a community that celebrates success and helps us laugh off failure. I ...
  5. Exhaust Riser/Elbow Replacement with Support Bracket

    As I mentioned in the previous post, I was unable to remove the bottom flange nut that held the exhaust flange on to the exhaust manifold. It wasn’t simply a case of the nut being frozen on the stud; there just wasn’t enough physical clearance to get a wrench-head between the bottom of the exhaust riser and the nut itself (i.e. the flange must have been bolted to the manifold before the riser was screwed onto the flange). (see photo #1)

    The first question for me was, did I want to ...

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    Maintenance and Mechanical
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