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  1. Ericson 38--Refit after Hawaii Cruise 2017

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    I spent more than a year outfitting and preparing the 1984 E38 for this solo sail from LA to Oahu and return. I provided some new standing rigging, all new running rigging (except topping lift and outhaul tails), new uncoated lifelines and a new backstay chainplate. I cut inspection ports into the 55-gallon fuel tank and cleaned it. I changed all the acrylic in ports and hatches and all gaskets. I rewired and installed a new diaphragm bilge pump system, ...
  2. Mariah Part IV: Engine Monitoring Systems

    Before rebuilding my exhaust & cooling systems, I was alarmed at how easily the engine would warm up to 185 degrees, requiring me to back-down on the throttle and run at a lower speed. I was also concerned about the lack of warning about rising engine temps--you wouldn't know it unless you happened to look down at a somewhat-hidden temp gauge. It was a similar situation for oil pressure--the idiot light is not in a place that would rapidly grab your attention (and, had no buzzer).

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    Maintenance and Mechanical
  3. Making do... oh, and a rendezvous (part 2)

    ....(continued from part 1)

    To get Makana home I knew I'd have to sail out of Langley, down a stretch of Saratoga Passage, across Possession Sound and into Everett. None of that seemed like a problem. But I wasn't sure what the best options were for when I got into Everett. My slip faces west, so to get in with a westerly I'd need to beam-reach up-current into the entrance, run down to my aisle, gibe and beam-reach along my aisle and then turn head-to-wind into my slip. 10,000 pound ...

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  4. Making do... oh, and a rendezvous (part 1)

    I've begun to think that a good part of "seamanship" might just center on being able to pick the least-bad option out of a spectrum of sucky choices...

    I spent a lot of time on Makana in June un-doing the effects of a very wet winter. Partly because it needed doing and was normal - albeit late in the year, because it didn't stop raining until after summer started - but also because she and I were going to venture to Langley in July for our first Ericson rendezvous.

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  5. A few more core pics

    sealing the deck penetrations meant removing some old hardware...unfortunately it was bedded in 5200. Northing worked until I found this stuff:
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    The first layup. Note the shifted peel ply and breather:

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    Catch Pot with vacuum gauge. The bag kept this vacuum over night with the pump off:

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    All the vacuum bag installed core up:

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