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  1. Lil' Bote Argh!

    Test: Some problem with attaching photo to previous post.
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    Update: Argh! So, the downside of the "barn find" Zodiac manifests.
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    The floor has spontaneously peeled away from the tubes all across the bow! Fortunately it didn't do it while on the water. I went for about a ten mile run on fairly flat water - just a few wind ripples. Then put the boat back on the trailer, covered under a tarp for a ...

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  2. Lil' Bote is small but it's still a B.O.A.T.

    There is no Ericson in this story.

    The newest incarnation of Lil' Bote (tender to Arcturus) is finally operational. Somehow at some undefined point along the line, my $500 boat turned into... a project! They can't help it I suppose. Even though they're only small, they still suck your time and money, because in the end, they're still Boats.

    The mission specifications for Lil' Bote:
    1. Tender to Arcturus. Ferry crew, fuel, provisions, bicycles etc. ...

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  3. My anchor locker expansion.

    Like most people here, Ive had to deal with the anchor pan leaking into my v-berth. Two winters ago, I removed the pan and scraped what I thought was all of the old silicone caulk from the joint and used LifeSeal to put it back in place. It was definitely better but sill leaked.

    Last winter, I pulled the pan, and spent many hours scraping, wire brushing, and using several silicone removing solvents to remove what I hoped would be all the silicone. I then used butyl tape to rebed ...

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  4. Anchor Locker - Part 2

    I've now setup my boat for the anchor chain to feed off the windlass and loop back forward and enter a hawsepipe (1 1/2") PVC pipe installed in the anchor pan and all the chain to drop into the forepeak locker and then slide back into the most forward V berth locker. The chain from the anchor roller and the windlass gypsy are aligned slightly to the starboard side so this required me to set the hawsepipe slightly to starboard as well while making sure the chain falls as close to center as possible ...

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  5. Anchor Locker - Part 1

    Sometimes you have to work with what you are given to start with. In my case my boat came with a Lofran Royal manual windlass with a 3/8" gypsy already installed on the deck just aft of the anchor locker lid. However, the boats anchor rode was 20ft of 3/8" on 200ft of 5/8" rope rode stored in the anchor locker pan with a danforth style anchor. I discovered last season that the 3/8" chain was actually too large for the anchor bow roller and would bind on occasion normally ...

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