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  1. Yup, she's backed up.

    In some ways, I know I would have spent the money pulling every piece of the boat apart regardless, just to verify with my own eyes that everything was safe for my family. Iím neurotic that way. But here begins a few entries over the last 7 months of ownership.

    Miga was already in really great aesthetic condition compared to the other Ericsons for sale at the time in a similar price range. Sheís 33 years old at the time of writing this.

    Itís a beautiful boat, and I knew ...
  2. Hi Matt. Thank you Matt.

    See that shoulder in the photo, screen right of the Sea Tow? Thatís Matt.

    Hi Matt. Thank you Matt.

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    Well, let me start from the very beginning...

    You see, before taking the boat from Los Alamitos Bay in Long Beach up to Marina Del Rey, I thought Iíd post on this site and see if there was anyone with a good amount of experience interested in sailing up the coast with me. I wasnít going to do the trip ...
  3. Survey Says?

    I had looked at a bunch of boats, walking around on their decks, rocking back and forth checking for soft spots, scanning the rigging for rust, examining engines, but mostly just wandering around getting fixated on things that now I know donít cost a lot of money or time to fix, and completely missing the things that cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to fix.

    In an effort to broaden my knowledge base, I bought a couple books that I would recommend to every newbie out there. ...
  4. Whatís in a name?

    My Ericson 32-3 was built in 1985, hull number 657. The boat still has itís original name in a faded graphic on it. The reason the boat doesnít have a new name is quite simple. I suffer from analysis paralysis.

    I started with a list of about 50 names, and about 50 of them were terrible.

    Initially I had thought Pound Foolish was a winner, stemming from the old adage, donít be penny wise and pound foolish. Which if you continue to read the subsequent blog posts, youíll ...
  5. The big flop theory.

    A little about meÖ Iím new to owning and working on a sailboat, and I would suspect a lot of the stuff Iím writing is obvious to everyone but me. Iíve spent a good part of my life pushing pixels around the screen like a digital drug dealer to help lure audiences into buying sugar and renting seats in 90 minute intervals.

    That said, sailing couldnít have been further from my reality. I certainly couldnít have imagined the joy it would bring me... nor itís impact on my time and wallet. ...