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  1. It's GrrrATE!

    The plywood bilge hatches have needed replacement for a while. They're dirty, stained, and delaminating. Not a huge project - they're just 12-inch plywood squares with a lip routed around the edge. But... might there be a better way? They do shrink and swell with the seasons, and are sometimes hard to pry out. And in the long run, trying to make Arcturus sort of an off-shore-esque boat, these things ought to be latched down. Hmm...
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    I've seen ...

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  2. Headed to buy a new boat!

    In one hour my daughter and I will be driving 4 hours to buy a 35' Mark ll. I was supposed to head down to get it yesterday, which coincidentally was Leif Erikson Day (omgit would have been perfect) but decided to wait till this morning so my mini me #2 could go with me (yes, I have 2 daughters that are exactly like me but oddly they are polar opposites of each other). One sentence & double parentheses...yikes! Sorry guys

    Back up a bit.......Last month I bought myself a bday ...
    Ericson Ownership
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  3. Ericson 38--Fuel Injectors Service

    Small diesels are renowned for their simplicity. They have no ignition system and in a pinch they'll run on cooking oil. Diesel fuel doesn't aspire to be napalm, and unlike gasoline feels almost natural on the skin. Diesels work forever with minimal maintenance and seldom a complaint. What's not to like?

    Well, they can be hard to start. It's mostly an issue in cold weather. The sea trial of Thelonious II was done on a foggy, 60-degree morning in the dead of Southern California winter. ...

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    Maintenance and Mechanical
  4. Mystery Of The Century?

    While I was grubbing around in the bilge the other day, I had finally had enough. The engine tray/sump in my E29 drained to the bilge through a tiny 1/4" limber hole. Occasionally, disgusting blobs of oily residue were emitted and could be found floating on top of the bilge water. Worse, the engine pretty much entirely fills its little nest - there isn't room to reach a hand down under there. Consequently, every object dropped into the engine compartment is lost forever. The odd thing ...
  5. New Atomic-Four Engine Panel

    So many projects to do on Arcturus. However, this summer I seem to have developed a new vice - on those windless days that are meant for boat projects, I've mostly gone stand-up paddle boarding instead. "Hmm... crawl around in the bilges or get out on the water?" Well, I've lost a couple of pounds, but not made much progress on the boat. And of course, the last month was lost to the Big Smoke. Too hazardous to even breathe deeply.

    A couple of things did get done. I ...

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