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  1. Ericson 38--Overdrilling Mount Holes, Anchor Lid Pin Repair

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    The Eastport pram is 7 feet 9 inches long, weighs only about 65 pounds, and fits nicely on the foredeck.

    I reshaped the transom to conform to the camber, and padded it at the two contact points. The Taylor bumper rail makes a permanent soft landing for the bow. Two stern lines tie pretty well to the dorade guard before the mast, but that is where tying pretty well ends.

    What is needed for the bow is a folding padeye for a simple ...

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  2. Replacing my antenna cable on my E38

    I had been getting terrible radio communication from my vhf radio and traced the problem to my antenna cable that ran to the top of the mast. The cable ran from my radio at the port nav station, under the U-shaped dinette aft storage seat, and into the bilge, before going up the mast. My mast was down for winter storage in Maine, so I decided to tackle the project. I first looked on the Forum, expecting to find a detailed explanation with photos and diagrams, but found only a few comments, so ...

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  3. Composting Head Installation

    The hoses on my 33-year-old head system stunk. I generally launch in Mid-April (pretty early for Lake Erie). When we start getting warm days in Mid-May, it can be unpleasant to be onboard. There’s not a scheme I didn’t consider as a solution. All the easy ones like changing to specific chemicals or wiping the hoses down with various things, naturally, I did first with varying success. I needed a permanent fix. Of course, the least risky thing would be to just replace the hoses. And, I spent a lot ...
  4. New Engine Panel Fabrication Part III

    This time I used thickened epoxy on all the edges and let the first course cure before adding the reinforcing layers of biax. This turned out way better with much fewer voids.

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    Try #2

    I filled the voids and spent hours sanding it flush. Then I primed it, but the primer cured lumpy, so I spent more hours sanding it smooth.

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    Primed and test fit

    Then I painted it with Interlux ...

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  5. New Engine Panel Fabrication Part II

    Once the mold was built up, I added thickened epoxy fillets, then coated the whole thing with epoxy and sanded it flat. Then I coated it with about 15 coats of mold release wax, which was 10 more than needed, and taped off all other surfaces.

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    Ready for fiberglassing

    I laid up fiberglass matt as an underlayer since I had read that it conformed to surfaces well, then fiberglass cloth, then biaxial cloth. I worked the ...
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