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  1. Ericson 38 -- Ronstan Traveler Upgrade

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    The traveler of a sailboat allows adjustment of the lateral position of the boom and therefore the angle of the mainsail to the wind. It controls twist, which allows air to spill from the upper sail. On dinghies, the traveler can be a simple piece of line tied across the transom, so when the boom flops from one side to the other during a tack the sheet obediently follows. Bigger boats have a track on which a car slides. Travelers used to be located behind ...

    Updated 01-16-2018 at 08:23 PM by Christian Williams

    Maintenance and Mechanical , Ericson Ownership
  2. Disassembly of the fixed port frame

    After taking the assembled port around looking for information or expertise and finding not much help (what is "window gimp" again?), I took the frame apart today. It was a very interesting procedure and similar to the descriptions from past threads. There were short sheet metal screws holding the frame halves together. Phillips, thank goodness. The screws were hard to get out. There was interference between the screw head and the inner edge of the frame and I used a hacksaw on the head ...
  3. O-34 Table Bolt-Down and Front Brace

    I was removing the dining table today to make more room in the cabin for some upcoming work. Good opportunity to document the changes made that greatly stiffen its attachment to both sole and mast.
    When we bought the boat the stock sole attachment was two large bolts/screws in the front base and two in the rear base piece. These went into a piece of teak about the same width as the table bases were on top of the centerline joint in the sole sections. It tried to move a bit when I leaned on ...

    Updated 01-11-2018 at 09:06 AM by Loren Beach

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  4. First Salon Fixed Port is removed ... that wasn't the plan

    The forward left fixed port was leaking around the outside of the frame, at both ends, at the corners. Removing the beauty ring on the inside last week was probably not a good idea in my case. I confirmed the leaks when I started removing the rotted interior plywood panel. I've got some plywood to replace it with, so I was just going to fit the new plywood around the window, but finding the leaks put an end to that plan.

    While cleaning up the last of the wood stuck to the cabin wall, ...
  5. Repair Saturated Anchor Locker Lid

    When itís only 10f outside working on the boat is no fun. So time to bring the saturated anchor lid home and repair it in the garage in a barmy 40f.

    The lid was identified in the survey last year as saturated and if just got to it on my to do list. Want to see what a saturated balsa cored lid looks like see below. Iím interested in any pointers from other members who have had to do the same repair.

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