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  1. First two weeks of living aboard / Tunes at sea

    It's been almost two full weeks of living aboard Delightful now, here on Bainbridge Island. I still feel like I live in a fairy tale, most of the time. The Island itself is idyllic and gorgeous, and my marina location close to 3(!) quaint coffee and breakfast joints makes it easy to walk to whatever I'm looking for. Oh yeah - this time of year, every morning is a sunrise.

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    (our very own Schoolboyheart's brand-new-to-him E32-200 pictured ...
  2. Venerable Sailomat 3040 for Venerable Sailboat

    Every proper cruising boat needs a windvane self-steering gear. Right? This is one of those things I thought I'd go full-mad-scientist on, some time in the future when other needs were taken care of. Those things are expensive, but plenty of people have successfully brewed up their own. However... I noticed this old Sailomat unit - it its day, the "Cadillac of Windvanes," gathering dust in the back corner of a local marine consignment store. For years. But the price was a bit too ...
  3. Bulk Head Repair

    The bulkhead had about 2'x1' area that was rotten. It was so soft that I could poke my finger into it. Not exactly what you would hope for from a structural member of the boat.

    I've known about it since I bought the boat, so not a surprise but something I didn't want to tackle right away. At any rate, the time came and I started the repair during the winter season (although I live in LA, so winter here means it's dipping into the frigid 60s

    To start, I removed the ...

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  4. Saving a Lady 4

    Saving a Lady Continued…4... My Father sent me in the house to get my tools. I’m sure everyone remembers the set in the tin box, complete with a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, saw, yellow tape measure. My gift from Santa. I replaced the tin box with a bag, my bag of choice was an army surplus olive-green dynamite bag, all the boys in our family used them as school book bags. My Father rang out, we are going to caulk today. Hum caulk I through, I better bring a box of white chalk, After all I was ...

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  5. Saving a Lady 3

    Continued…3.. early May 1959, as I recall my Father popped his head in my bedroom and said, son we have some chores to do, then we get to play on our Boat. Our Boat, yes, the princess was mine! I jumped out of bed dressed and ran down three flights of stairs, only to be sent back up the wooden hill, to brush scrub, and comb my hair with a little dab of brilcream, then walk down the wooden Hill. My Father was outside replacing the storm windows with the screened frames. My older brother was already ...
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