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Maintenance and Mechanical

  1. Long Winter Nights. Part 1

    It appears that this winter is not going to relinquish even a single day and we are to dwell in snow and ice well into March. Nothing is getting crossed-off the list of tasks that Must Be Done before re-launching the boat. But of course, there is an endless supply of smaller tasks that can be addressed while waiting for the weather to clear.
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    I just got in from winching the FedEx truck out of the ditch. Coincidentally, it was bringing me an electronic ...
  2. Re-Re-Re Re-Rig

    Music and lyrics by Max Headroom. So the rig is down and out on a greenhouse table where I can work on it in relative comfort. Good thing too, because there is a thick layer of snow and re-re-re Re-Frozen slush on the ground and all over the boat.

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    So, I've gone over all the wire and fittings, and the only thing that I can find really wrong is the aft lower turnbuckles are both slightly bent. None of the shrouds were installed with a toggle, ...

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    Maintenance and Mechanical
  3. A Real Nav Station!

    I spent the long weekend "correcting" the weirdness in the E29 Mk I interior design. This all seems like a bit of a side-track in the refit process, but I needed a place to mount the new electrical panels and to do that, I had to finish the nav station project.

    Here's a shot of the salon on the day I bought the boat. The forward port side is just... awkward. The top of the hanging locker is supposed to be a little chart table, but it's too small to start with, and as ...