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Journey of a new owner, Ericson 35-2

I'd like to share my experiences as a prospective buyer, then a buyer, then the new owner of an Ericson 35, Mark II.

  1. More Moeller tank photos

    by , 03-25-2012 at 09:14 PM (Journey of a new owner, Ericson 35-2)
    Wanted to get all photos into same post, but couldn't quite figure out how to get text where I wanted it.

    This is a detail of the sender opening. Note that there are five nuts molded into the case as it is made, so sender plate just bolts onto them. That vertical stick is the pickup tube at the end on the inside.

    Name:  Sender plate fittings.jpg
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    One thing about getting this tank: The tank I received is different than the tank ...
  2. Photos new Moeller 19 gallon tank

    by , 03-25-2012 at 09:02 PM (Journey of a new owner, Ericson 35-2)
    Hi all,

    I have more photos on my other camera, left on boat.

    This is the bottom end of pickup tube, taken with phone camera thru the sender opening. Note strainer, which seems to have been attached while tube soft-won't just pull off, will have to cut.
    Name:  Pickup tube thru sender opening.jpg
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  3. 3/22/12 Links to my other current writing

    by , 03-22-2012 at 10:37 PM (Journey of a new owner, Ericson 35-2)
    I'm having trouble pasting links without having my post disappear in the process. I guess I learn as much about writing a blog as owning an old boat in this process.

    I've got a great thread going now on SailNet:

    about how to plan a DIY boatyard session. Any comments appreciated.

    I've had some great help on this site in the forum section re: rudder tube ...
  4. 3/22/12 Multiple boats burned up in fire at Mission Bay Yacht Club, San Diego

    by , 03-22-2012 at 10:30 PM (Journey of a new owner, Ericson 35-2)

    Well, now I feel like a real reporter.

    I went down to Driscoll Mission Bay Boatyard today to check it out, plan ahead, etc. Talked to Joe Driscoll the owner, and to one of his contractors, Evodio, who does fiberglass work. Driscolls have a big chunk of San Diego waterfront business, with a yard each in Mission Bay and at Shelter Island in San Diego Bay. The Mission Bay yard is the only one I know of in San Diego where owner DIY work is permitted.

    Found ...
  5. 3/21/12 Swamped by work, back soon

    by , 03-21-2012 at 11:22 AM (Journey of a new owner, Ericson 35-2)
    Appreciate comments, hope to return on weekend. Now looks like I'm going to be planning for yard. New tank arrived, great, will show.

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