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Martin King

  1. Gusher 10 replacement part 2

    Well look here, a valve return spring! Nothing like this on the Gusher 10.

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    Side by side of the deck plates and their gators.The old style was powercoated aluminum and the new one is plastic. Sign of the times, I guess.
    The holes for the pump arm are identical at 3 inches, but the mounting holes are not in case you were wondering. You know what that means.

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    Speaking ...

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  2. Gusher 10 replacement pictorial part 1

    "That looks like a new pump!" my wife observed as I wrestled it from the lazarette and stood up with it. "Don't judge a book by it's cover", I replied and hopped off the boat with it. The Gusher 10 had failed to prime once
    again, and this was to be the last time. Resisting the urge to pitch it into the dumpster, I instead tossed it in the back of my truck, knowing I needed to document this project. I cannot be the first person who has thought
    of replacing this pump ...

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  3. Stripping Brightwork-A backbreaking job now made even harder!

    As anybody who has stripped brightwork on a boat can testify, it's an awful job. Armed with a heatgun in one hand and a
    scraper in the other, it takes all your concentration not to burn the wood, the adjacent paint or your self while carefully
    trying to scrape off the dregs without leaving marks. All of this going on while bent over the workpiece-either from the dock
    or on board. Now the rules in my marina mandate that the boat must be skirted with plastic from the hull to the ...

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