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  1. Ericson 38--Drilling Foam, Teak Repair, Binocular Box

    I was glad to find all new foam on the new boat--until I took a nap on it. Oh dear. Hard as a rock. I said I'd get used to it, after hauling all 16 cushions home and back for new fabric. But I didn't get used to it. The princess and the pea? Maybe. But sleeping on a boat is hard enough without being even harder.

    I priced all new foam, had the predictable gag reflex, and started rethinking, fast. My foam was simply too dense (I think Loren said somewhere that the proper density is ...

    Updated 01-21-2017 at 01:42 PM by Christian Williams

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  2. EP making the change to lithium

    by , 01-18-2017 at 05:47 PM (Electric repower of Lotus Flower a 1976 Ericson 27)
    After 8 years of use with AGM batteries for propulsion I have removed and replaced them with lithium (LiFePO4). The AGM's were still working fine for short term motoring needs but the range capacity had definitely dropped in the past few years.

    Lotus Flower had two 48 volt AGM battery banks. One bank of group 27's and one bank of group 31's. The lead acid batteries worked well and were relitivaly simple to install.

    The new lithium battery setup also has two 48 volt ...

    Updated 01-19-2017 at 09:42 AM by Mark F

  3. 1984 E30+ Strut Replacement Part 3

    After removing the strut, I found an exact replacement at Marine Hardware in Redmond WA. They apparently obtained the patterns from Ericson back in the day. The new manganese bronze strut with bearing cost $635 and took them about 6 weeks to turnaround. I also had a new strut and coupler manufactured for $400. I test fit the strut in the boat, and was hopeful it would fit right in. But this is a boat, and that would be too easy. It seems that casting bronze is an inexact science. Or that the pattern ...
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  4. 1989 Vintage Ample Power Battery Monitor

    I have a nice old Ample Power Electrical System and Amp Hour Monitor or ESAHM, installed at the nav station of my boat. The Ample Power Company is still in business but apparently does not support this pre-Internet device at all, not even with documentation. I have scanned the Installation and Operation document into MS Word. A generic, but useful installation schematic is part of the documentation and shows a 3-battery installation. Quite useful for my situation. This document is less than 3 MB ...
  5. Ericson 38--The Critical Boom Gooseneck Fitting

    The connection of the boom to the mast--the gooseneck--is subject to compression and to forces on both axes, yet is frequently taken for granted. It's subject to failure, a jury rig is a challenge, and even professional repair is problematic. On older boats especially, the humble gooseneck is often asked to do more than it was designed for, and I have a theory about why.

    Here is the break that developed in mine: a typical failure of the ear of the aluminum casting after 32 years of ...
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