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  1. Forespar MF850 Marelon Ball Valves

    I've replaced five Marelon ball valves on my '85 E32-3 since I bought the boat last year. It wasn't my explicit goal to change out so many valves, I only replaced the ones that stopped working. My E32 has 10 valves; three in the head, four in the galley, and three in the stern. All are either 3/4" (raw-water intakes for engine, galley, and head), or 1 1/4" (head pump-outs (2), galley sink drain, cockpit drains (3), and engine exhaust).

    While Marelon valves take a lot of hits ...

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  2. Dorade and Salon Leak update

    The rainy days since I started the second dorade box repair and taped it all closed have verified that the leak near the dinette/head bulkhead is probably (mostly) from there. Seven of the eight snap holes around the salon hatch are filled. The last one is a bottomless pit so there must be a void under there. I think the next attempt will fill that one. No epoxy is leaking out of the overhead.

    The slight leak in the aft left corner of the salon hatch lens seal is larger this fall. ...
  3. V-Berth Remodel

    I was tired of seeing ugly old white vinyl stained by 40+ years of who-knows-what. Time to get rid of it and replace it with something warmer and inviting. But first to decide features:

    Insulation: One of my goals was to cut down on condensation. After my sail back from Hawaii last year, the interior took salt in different forms…some leaks, but plenty from moist, salt air as well. I thought I managed ...

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  4. Dorade Box Sealing - Next Part

    They're all back together and I've been waiting for the proof that the fix worked. Seattle's rains have returned and now I have some answers.

    Repairs and sealing. I glassed in a new floor in the large center section using two small pieces of Coosa board. I also made sure the drains on the aft side were clear. I haven't painted the interior, but might do so with an exterior latex.

    The two actual dorade boxes let water in via the bronze rings and possibly via the dorade ...

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  5. It's GrrrATE!

    The plywood bilge hatches have needed replacement for a while. They're dirty, stained, and delaminating. Not a huge project - they're just 12-inch plywood squares with a lip routed around the edge. But... might there be a better way? They do shrink and swell with the seasons, and are sometimes hard to pry out. And in the long run, trying to make Arcturus sort of an off-shore-esque boat, these things ought to be latched down. Hmm...
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    I've seen ...

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