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  1. Sewmanship - New Curtains and Pillows - Part 2

    ...continued from Part 1

    I also made a test pillow with the striped fabric and struggled when I followed Sailrite’s “Standard Throw Pillow” video. Sewing the last seam that closed the pillow was tough. I watched the video on the same page “Zipper Closure on Throw Pillows” and decided that would be the better way to go. It was a little more complicated but overall would be easier. I also found feather pillow inserts on Amazon that were cheaper than Sailrite’s poly-fil pillows so I ordered ...
  2. Sewmanship - New Curtains and Pillows - Part 1

    When I bought my 30+ in April, 2013 the survey was very positive. There were a lot of little things to do – nothing too serious. Something that was not on the survey, nor did I probably even look at them, was the aged curtains. The first time my girlfriend, Kathleen was on the boat, she mentioned them immediately. “Oh, those will need to be cleaned.” So, later that summer, at her urging, we slid the curtains off their tracks. They were stained from the portholes leaking and had some fading from ...

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  3. Exhaust Rebuild E-26

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ID:	16063The little Westerbeke in my 1985 E-26 had been rebuilt a few years before I bought the boat, but the rebuild hadn't included the exhaust system hoses, which by now were 30 years old. They were covered with cracks and were held in place by sad looking perforated style hose clamps (I hate perforated hose clamps)..... Not only was the system leaking exhaust fumes into the engine compartment but I was starting to worry about the possibility ...

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  4. Reducing Winter Rain Stains

    I imagine that many sailors in rainy areas probably have heard of this, and several years ago a friend introduced it to me. Simple idea and cheap, and it works.

    We get more dirt in our rain than some folks, being under the glide path of PDX. So our atmospheric dirt has a bit of jet exhaust in it.
    Another reason I remove and take home the fore guy on the side decks every fall, along with the jib sheets.

    A good scrub with soap in the spring cleans up the ...
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  5. Sewmanship 6--Repairing Upholstery Fabric; Singer Model 15-91

    It's a tribute to the bulletproof velour upholstery that Ericson used in 1985 that in many boats it survives and even flourishes. My zippers remain sound. The cloth is robust and unstained. Even so, damage occurs. Many years of UV through an uncovered forward hatch led to the destruction of the V-berth cushion tops. These I replaced with a Sunbrella product that closely matches the original (Sewmanship 3, here).

    Small holes and tears, however, are inevitable.

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