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  1. Shelves - aka "things no one will ever care about but me"

    KennethK and I had an email conversation a month or so back about good places to stow things on a 32-III. There are only so many "spots" for things, and one of my laments was that there was no really great spot for things like gloves and hats and things that are rarely used, but that you want to keep organized and dry.

    Both of us are using the lockers under dinette- and settee-seats for bins full of tools and assorted gear, so that space is sort of spoken for. Galley drawers ...

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  2. Solar PV Setup

    In one of my previous blogs I had a request to write up about my solar PV setup. This site has been a godsend of information about my Ericson 38 and various projects that I've had to tackle so I'm happy to oblige with this blog. My boat came with two 85W Solartech PV panels on top of two cross frame mounts on top of the bimini frame, these PV panels then went directly to a Specialty Concepts PWM (pulse width modulated) solar controller and then directly to the two 4D lifeline batteries. ...

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  3. Installation of Holding Tank Manual Pumpout & Head Anti-siphon Loop

    Late last season I had the pleasure of a sailing guest aboard the boat leave the head pump valve lever in the wet flush position and not in the dry bowl closed position - after having received careful instruction on using the head before leaving for Block Island. The end result was 18 gallons of sea water in the holding tank and the head overflowing into the bilge with no way to pump out the holding tank as the boat was only set up for deck pump out. Nothing like bringing 18 gallons of Block Island ...

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  4. Saturated Anchor Locker Lid Repair - Part 2

    Following on from Part 1 of this blog the next day after the epoxy had cured I preceded to pre-cut out 2 layers of 6 oz fiberglass cloth, a sheet of 3.5mm plastic sheeting (used for covering floors during construction etc.) sourced from Home Depot, and pre-cut a sheet of cardboard. The next task involved wetting the top layer of the balsa core and then applying a layer of cloth and working this into the epoxy and followed by another layer of cloth and working the cloth into the gap around the ...

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  5. Saturated Anchor Locker Lid Repair - Part 1

    So over the last week I finally got around to completing the repairs to my saturated anchor locker lid. First off was the task of cleaning out the saturated balsa core and scoured back to the underside glass mat. It was obvious that the lid had seen previous repairs as some sections of the lid had thick areas of hardened epoxy. It was also obvious that where the holes for the bolts securing the slide handle were located had been drilled through the balsa core and a major cause of the problem. ...

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