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  1. Singlehanded Cruising (30 minute video)

    Cruise of Thelonious, Los Angeles to Hawaii and return. Twenty days out, 28 back.

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    Updated 10-10-2014 at 12:11 PM by Christian Williams

    Racing & Crusing , Ericson Ownership
  2. Refitting Thelonious

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Interactive chart link:

    This summer's 6,000-mile cruise
    to Kaua'i gives an insight into wear and tear on a boat over time. I was 48 days at sea--20 out, 28 for the return--sailing 24 hours a day, half of it in winds of 20 knots plus. For me, a realistic typical year's sailing is maybe 20 days at four hours a day, or 80 sailing hours. The cruise put on more ...
  3. Offshore with the 2014 Sailomat Wind Vane--Video

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    Demonstration of the 2014 "Sailomat 800"self-steering vane during a 6,000-mile transit LA-Hawaii-LA.
  4. Hurth 17 mm Drain Plug washer

    I just spent some tedious hours changing out the old ATF in our '88 Hurth model 50 trans. The top where the fill/dip stick fitting lives is visible only when both bolts that hold the heat exchanger are removed and the HE is moved slightly to one side. Then I can get a 17 mm socket with an extension on it and use a short handle ("stubby" ratchet to turn it. Luckily the original alum. washer stays on it - pressed on just at the top of the threads, looks like.

    The drain plug ...

    Updated 09-18-2014 at 12:26 AM by Loren Beach

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  5. The Mighty Tillermaster – Autopilot On A Budget

    Among the items the prior owner of my first sailboat left for me when I bought it was an amazing little auto steering device called a Tillermaster. Over 10,000 of these grey, boxy little monstrosities were produced in Costa Mesa, CA. during the 60’s all the way through the 90’s but the basic design remained the same. The one on Whisper always steered a true course and, though she was a little slow to react and noisy as hell, she never quit on me. When I sold the boat, the Tillermaster went with ...

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    Maintenance and Mechanical
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