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  1. Electric Primary Bilge Pump

    by , 04-24-2017 at 04:48 PM (Ericson 25CB Resurrection)
    Since our Ericson 25CB was stored on a lift throughout its life, it never had an electric bilge pump. Just the manual one that we rebuilt in a previous blog. For peace of mind, and racing equipment rules, we definitely needed to add an electric one. This blog entry is just a quick and simple one to illustrate what we decided on and did.

    In our research we saw some really nice examples of staggered bilge pumps, with a small 250 GPH pump at the bottom, and a much bigger pump lifted ...

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    Maintenance and Mechanical , Bilge / Through Hulls / Pump
  2. Thru Hull Replacement

    One of my winter projects was to replace the 7 below waterline thru hulls with new seacocks. Four of the original thru hulls were leaking through the old wooden backing blocks that had become water soaked and turned soft. Scary stuff!

    I'd original planned to do the work myself and install new seacocks like a number of members on this forum have done on their E38's. However, I ended up totally consumed with other to-do-list items and so contracted out this work to a local marine contractor ...

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  3. Manual Bilge Pump Rebuild

    by , 04-08-2017 at 06:42 AM (Ericson 25CB Resurrection)
    When we bought the boat it was pretty dry inside, just a little bit of water in the bilge. And when we left her on the hard, we felt good about her being level, and closed up pretty tight. I expected some rain water to leak inside, but not a lot. A couple of months later I was on a business trip that had a weekend layover, and was within a couple hours drive to the Marina in Maryland. I decided to swing by and check on the boat since we would be taking her home soon, and I could verify that ...

    Updated 04-24-2017 at 05:50 PM by olsenjohn

    Maintenance and Mechanical , Bilge / Through Hulls / Pump
  4. Fuel Tank / Bilge Ventilation

    by , 04-05-2017 at 04:13 PM (Ericson 25CB Resurrection)
    Since doing the install of the fuel tank we remained concerned that there was not enough ventilation. If you go back and read that blog, you will see that we took pains to calculate the amount of vapor that would permeate through the hoses, and it appeared to be well within the limits of needing any active ventilation. We had planned on passive ventilation through clamshell vents in the lockers above, where air rising into the lockers from the area below the cockpit can flow out of the boat. ...
  5. Cockpit Locker Fixes / Painting

    by , 04-05-2017 at 02:46 PM (Ericson 25CB Resurrection)
    It's been a long time since my last post. The winter of 2016/17 was not a good one for me, and the work on my beloved Ericson 25CB came to a grinding halt. Around Thanksgiving I came down with Bronchitis, and it took me a month to get back up and feeling better. Almost immediately after I felt better, I came down with the crud / cold that took me out through the holidays. By early January I was feeling back to my normal self with some energy, and promptly came down with the flu. Ugh! ...

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    Maintenance and Mechanical
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