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  1. One-Piece Hatch Board; Tides SailTrack; HX gaskets

    Hatch boards have been around a long time. Arriving means pulling them out and putting them somewhere; departing the boat means stacking them back in, which I tend to do in the wrong order 30 percent of the time despite that they're obviously of different lengths. What hatch boards have going for them is that they can store in a small, inconvenient place. What they have going against them is that they store in a small, inconvenient place. Rain squalls seem to know this, and entertain themselves ...

    Updated 02-19-2015 at 12:43 PM by Christian Williams

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  2. almost perfect

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    The Ericson factory guys did so many things right on our boats that itís sometimes easy to take our quality for granted. But time and again we are reminded that there is nothing that can be assumed about any piece of gear if you have not personally had in your hand to inspect. Whether itís a previous owners good intensions or a factory ...
  3. electric upgrades

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    I have added two electrical items recently that I feel are both a notch above the rest and wanted to share them with everybody here.

    The first is my new bi-color LED bow light. The unit is made by Marine Beam
    The quality was very good and the cost was a hundred dollars ...
  4. Water Heater Replacement, Raritan to WM/Kuuma

    The 1985 Raritan 6-gallon water heater still worked without complaint, heating fine while under power and keeping the water warm until breakfast the next morning. The electrical heater no longer functioned, but then I never had cause for hot water when plugged in to a yacht club slip. Perhaps hitting the reset button was all it needed--or a new element.

    The problem was that this robust unit, with a glass-lined steel tank and well insulated aluminum jacket, had been manufactured with ...

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