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  1. Water Heater Replacement, Raritan to WM/Kuuma

    The 1985 Raritan 6-gallon water heater still worked without complaint, heating fine while under power and keeping the water warm until breakfast the next morning. The electrical heater no longer functioned, but then I never had cause for hot water when plugged in to a yacht club slip. Perhaps hitting the reset button was all it needed--or a new element.

    The problem was that this robust unit, with a glass-lined steel tank and well insulated aluminum jacket, had been manufactured with ...

    Updated 01-21-2015 at 02:04 PM by Christian Williams

    Maintenance and Mechanical
  2. 1 F = a perfect temperature to revive our 2013 Chicago-Mackinac Movie

    The temp outside continues to plummet, currently below 0 F with a wind-chill that's worse. Ugh.

    So thoughts wandered to warmer and enjoyable days spent on the inland sea in the middle of North America known as Lake Michigan. This 17:24 minute movie is submitted to provide a peek inside sailing/racing life on a large freshwater lake.

    Think Spring! Early April is less than 90 days away...

    YouTube link:

    Updated 01-08-2015 at 05:20 PM by Grizz

  3. Rhiannon has new owners

    Jann and I took possession of our 35 Mk2 Rhiannon last Monday, overnighted after cleaning out nooks and crannies. She is getting a new bulkhead under the mast, new standing rigging and mast electrics. This will happen in the next few weeks. After that we can start the programmed maitenance!

    If anyone knows any other owners past or present in Oceania please let us know.

    Lots to do but you have to waste your time on something..
  4. My Daily Commute

    Walk about 10 minutes to ferry...
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    30 minute ferry ride...Mt. Rainier, sunrise, Olympic Mountains looking back, sometimes orcas...
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    5 minute walk on other side...then (boo) work...

    After work...fixing bubble in the compass on the commute home (compass, fluid, screwdriver, and frosty beer)...
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    Awesome ...
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