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  1. Foamtastic Fun, Part 2

    A couple of pieces at a time, I transported the foam cut-outs to the boat and tried them out for fit and quality control (more naps). While cutting, I usually assumed that straight lines would approximate the curve of the hull over short distances, but that didn't hold for the starboard q-berth, or the v-berth. I had do do some carving in place to make it all fit. Some of the edges look pretty ragged Hopefully wrapping it in fabric will even those out.
    It's a good thing that I ordered ...

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  2. Foamtastic Fun, Part 1

    This winter, it is finally time to get some cushions made for Arcturus. I got over the first hurdle back in January - ordered the foam. It came compressed in bales. The instructions said not to let the foam stay compressed for more than four days, so I opened it all and stacked it up in a basement room. The stuff has quite an odor to it! The whole house reeked for a couple of days.

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    Life went by for a couple of months ...

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  3. Blogging on EricsonYachts.Org--How To

    What is a blog? How do blogs differ from threads? Should I start my own blog on EricsonYachts.Org? How do I go about it?

    Several good explanations were lost in the 2013 corruption of the site. Here is a restatement, with some remarks by Sean Engle, the site owner.

    A Blog (from Web Log) is an ongoing personal chronicle. On this site, it is naturally about one member's experience with boats and everything to do with them--maintenance, racing, cruising, family and personal ...

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  4. seacock replacement

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    when I bought my boat I had never heard of a seacock, I didn't know what marelon was, I didn't know what a backing plate was, I didn't know what a flanged adapter was, I didn't know about tapered and straight threads. and I wasn't sure if a mushroom head was some kind of hippie, or a boat part. I was unaware that mixing yellow brass and bronze with salt water made for trouble, ...
  5. house battery bank

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    I had been wanting more battery capacity for quite a while. one group 24 with one as a spare just wasn't enough. I thought of using the existing battery compartment for two six volt batterys, with a starter battery under the cockpit sole. I thought of adding a battery bank under the port settee, or under the stove, or in the quarter birth. But I eventually decided that I wanted a full 420ah house bank with ...

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