View Full Version : What do you call two Viking's in the water?

Jeff Asbury
03-30-2009, 09:08 AM
What do you call two Viking's in the water? ... A Race!

Had a great day sailing up the Palos Verdes Peninsula Saturday. The "Pride of Cucamonga" was joined by "Gypsy Woman", a 1970 E-30. We we're able to get all the way up to Point Vicente Lighthouse in about 5 tacks because we had a nice off shore for once. Both boat's started out together but eventually we we're on opposite tacks. Finally just off the Point it was time to come about and set the whisker pole out for the wing on wing sled run back. The wind built to about 20 knots and I was hitting peak speeds of 8.6 knots. We raced (flew) back to the Angles Gate and came in at the same time although I didn't change my down wind tack until much later than the E-30.

Here are a couple shots of "Gypsy Woman" following very close as well as some earlier shots of my wings before the wind kicked up. Also a shot of Captain UpChuck and his trusty dog "Splash".

Oh, yeah. You may notice some blue tape on the E-30. John the owner was still letting some varnish dry, but he wasn't about to miss this great day on the water. Best sail I have had this year! Love this sport. Maybe I will officially race the Cucamonga some day.